Director's Message

Our children the childhood they deserve and make our children confident in themselves and the world around them.

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“Genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action.”
Mr. Gulzar Shaikh - Director of Azam Sports Academy

Our Team

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Dr. Sangeeta Wakchaure

Physical Education Director A.I.SR.CO


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Mr. Majid Sayyad

Physical Education Teacher A.U.B.H.S. & Jr.Co


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Mr. Khalid Bagban

Physical Education Teacher A.U.B.H.S. & Jr.Co


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Mrs. Dilshad Sayyed

Physical Education Teacher A.U.G.H.S


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Mrs. Shabnam Peerjade

Physical Education Teacher M.C.E English Medium School


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Ms. Hasina Shaikh

Sports Teacher M.C.E English Medium School


The Strength of Our Team

Most people involved in sport agree that proper behavior makes the sport better and that character matters. Character strengths such as hope, perseverance, creativity, and zest are but a few traits which, when habituated, provide sport participants the greatest opportunity to improve performance and enjoyment.

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Mr. Aejaz Shaikh


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Mr. Fayyaj Mokashi

Head Clerk