Dr. P.A Inamdar

Due to introduction and increase of computer related technology, getting information from educational institution does not require physical visit to the school or colleges by either students parents or others. This has also reduced queries to be answered by the head of the schools or colleges. Therefore considering requirements and details by the students and parents websites are being created for supplying all required information by the educational institutes for those who desire to have that information.

Management of Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, Pune decided to create websites of all the educational institutions from kg to Ph.D. the Institutions run by society are more than 35 and hence details of each of the institutions are to be supplied for the details of information required by the parents and the students or any other person is to be provided on the website. I am happy that the decision of the management is being implemented by Azam Sports Academy by creating its own website.

Mrs. Abeda Inamdar

Azam Sports Academy has been found in the year 2007 with 5 acres of land earmarked for
outdoor sports, trained staff and sufficient finances to train the young students for international
and national level sports. Competitions under the philosophy of Catch them Young
I am sure the sports academy with intensive coaching, team work, positive attitude and hard
work will train many students of Azam Campus.
India has 2 nd largest population and 70% of them are young enthusiastic and talented, we
therefore like to give these students the opportunities to excel in sports, participate and bring
laurels to India in various sports activities and let our Tri Color fly high
I am confident in near future we will produce Olympian from Azam Sports Academy

Mr. Abbas Ismail Shaikh